Educational Leadership Training and Procedures

The course will emphasize spiritual leadership training that builds upon all the most critical leadership skills, including project management, team building and team leading, persuasive communication, networking, fundraising, conflict resolution, understanding diverse communication styles, human-centered design, and emotional intelligence. Our leadership development training encompasses all the major aspects of any traditional leadership course, but we emphasize utilizing your talents in service of a common humanity.

Spiritual leaders are especially important today, in our modern era, as we are undergoing a time of great planetary transition. Spiritual and moral leadership is so imperative because it is the only true form of leadership that is capable of serving all of humanity by creating social and economic systems where everyone is given the opportunity to thrive. Economic inequality and rapid environmental change have grown due to a lack of basic moral and spiritual leadership in the United States and throughout the world. But before becoming the effective spiritual leader that the world so desperately needs, one must first be a spiritual student.

Our leadership development training is steeped in this problem and focuses on imparting upon our students the understanding that this world needs a new type of leadership that promotes unity without uniformity. All the ascending sons and daughters of Urantia must recognize that we need to bear the responsibility of taking care of our fellow humans. We must work together to create a positive force for global change that impacts everyone—from the poorest of the poor who struggle to simply eat, to the richest and most powerful who do nothing to ease the collective suffering of humanity. If everyone had a sincere sense of spiritual leadership training, then the world would be a better place.

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