Living a Spiritual Life on Campus

Students of the University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion are characterized by their unyielding desire to more fully discover themselves as an ascending son or daughter within the Creator's universe.

Our student body is made up of spiritual seekers—individuals who have long sought for community and spiritual enrichment in a world nearly devoid of both. On-campus living reinspires students with opportunities for stewardship of the natural environment, creative expression through the arts and music, and a diverse spectrum of ongoing events and holistic student activities.

Our students and faculty are change agents dedicated to bringing into existence the more beautiful world we know is possible. Living a principled life is important to all of us, and it is in upholding each other's ongoing growth and development that we gain a lens through which to see our own progress.

Becoming a student of the University requires humility and a willingness to experience the sometimes-painful abandonment of one's lower patterns to emerge in a greater way to one's fullest potential. Adopting a sincerely spiritual way of life means opening yourself to both the sufferings and joys of our neighbors. This is precisely what living a holistic student life means—understanding that we are simply a small part of something that is intimately interconnected and explicable only by referencing the larger whole.

Residential students live in a positive and clean community environment that supports a spiritual way of life and reinforces each individual's desire to develop a deeper sense of compassion, self-awareness, and acceptance.

The University encourages all students to work collaboratively with each other and with faculty to produce creative expressions of art and music. Our student culture disrupts the mainstream paradigm of consumerism by supporting students in becoming dynamic artisans, playwrights, innovators, and thespians. Our students become crafters of handmade treasures, creators of inspired works, and visionaries for our planet's future.

More About Our Students


Many students actively participate in music bands, the on-campus theater troupe, and other creative groups.


UASPR's residential student body consists of individuals from over 7 different countries.


Our University culture is founded on spiritual principles which call for the recognition of each student as an ascending son or daughter of God.


In addition to spiritual studies, students participate in communal home-life while staying on campus.