The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion

Sacred Architecture & Sustainable Building

Learn Sustainable Building Practices, using Alternative Materials, designing for Function & Longevity

Working as part of the team of our Earth Harmony Builders, you will learn about building alternatives using various materials through up-cycling, recycling, regeneration and restoration methods of construction including:

  • Monolithic Domes
  • Cob Ovens
  • Cal-Earth
  • Solar Power
  • Strawbale
  • Adobe
  • Grey Water & Rain Harvesting Systems
  • Papercrete

We will also share ideas on ways to improve the needs of everyday living by eliminating waste and minimizing consumption through various building practices, including the use of recycled metal for interior and exterior iterations, as well as uses of concrete for function and form built-in.

Extended Internship: Earth Harmony Builders

Interns may become part of the Earth Harmony Builders team, contributing to on-going building projects on campus. The Earth Harmony Builders specialize in alternative and sustainable building strategies, and are consistently innovating new building techniques for longer lasting buildings that are comfortable and beautiful for the residents who occupy them. The duties of interns will vary according to the season and facility-based maintenance and renovation priorities.