The Cosmic Family Volume 1

An Introduction to Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation, Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion


This introductory course is designed to give you a beginning foundation in the study of Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation. The lessons constitute a practical workbook in Ascension Science (the fusion of science and spirituality), building concept upon concept.

The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 home study course provides a basis for truth-seekers to achieve their destiny purpose in service to their brothers and sisters by becoming the Change Agents/Destiny Reservists needed to bring this planet out of rebellion and into the first stage of light and life.

The first lessons introduce you to cosmic terminology, which is the beginning understanding of interuniversal language for the first stage of light and life on Urantia (Earth).

The course includes an introduction to the Physics of Rebellion, the adjudication by the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer, the present functions of Machiventa Melchizedek's Divine Administration, and the training of Destiny Reservists.

You will come to understand the importance of universe point of origin, genetic inheritance, complementary relationships, appropriate sexual relationships, and the healing of the physical, astral, and etheric bodies preparatory to ascension into your first morontia (semi-spiritual) body.

The Cosmic Family Volume 1 Home Study Course can be purchased at the University Resource Center

Home study students receive a Certification of Completion upon completion of final lesson.


The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 and The URANTIA Book


The Concordex of The URANTIA Book or The URANTIA Book Concordance would be helpful. If you are unable to purchase one of the two reference books, then public library access to a copy may be an option.


It is recommended that The URANTIA Book, Facet I Home Study Course also be taken simultaneously if possible, as The URANTIA Book is the fulcrum on which Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation rests.

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Example Topics Covered


About "Divine New Order Communities" and the cooperative work of human and celestial beings in the development of these communities.


Starseed reality and the existence of many humans on the planet today who have their point of origin from a different universe.


The First Cosmic Family and their rejoining at First Planetary Sacred Home in Tubac/Rio Rico, Arizona, USA.


Fourth Dimensional reality and the importance of change agents finding their highest destiny to actualize the Fourth Dimension on this planet.