Educational Training Programs

Educational training programs are offered through our Extended Internship (EI) programs. These on-campus residency programs prepare the intern for the enhancement of his or her chosen field of interest by offering spiritual, academic, and experiential knowledge relevant to disseminating these learned life skills to a broader global community.

Our vocation programs provide the resources and hands-on experiences for anyone seeking to be a more responsible global citizen and steward of the environment as well as the wide-ranging tools necessary to train others as teachers of these essential concepts and practices.

Educational programs vary in length, from two weeks to an indefinite period of time, depending on an individual's interest and flexibility. Our vocations offer an intensive, total-immersion educational experience, customized to accommodate the multiple skill levels of every participant.

Students are taught to solve real-world problems with effective and practical solutions. We offer the skills and strategic thinking required to find answers for the ecological, economic, and social challenges of today's world. Offered courses are highly interdisciplinary and are designed to impart functional knowledge so the student can then build, grow, or create something of practical importance upon completing their course work.

When students return to their home communities they feel empowered to apply all they have learned and discovered in order to make a difference in the lives of others.


1-person Shared Room in home or Guest Pod:

  • Internship for first 2 weeks: $200/day = $1400/week or $2800/2 weeks
  • 3rd week & following: $150/day = $1050/week
  • One-month Internship: $4900
  • Two-month Internship: $9100

1-person Private Room in home:

  • Internship for first 2-weeks: $225/day = $1575/week or $3150/2 weeks
  • 3rd week & following: $1225/week
  • One-month Internship: $5600
  • Two-month Internship: $10,500


  • Internship for first 2-weeks: $300/day = $2100/week or $4200/2 weeks
  • 3rd week & following: $250/day = $1750/week
  • One-month Internship: $7700
  • Two-month Internship: $14,700

Internships do not include Spiritual Classes/Studies/Sunday Teaching in the UASPR. If the intern wishes to attend, these are paid for separately.

Internship Payments:

With non-refundable payments as follows:

  • $500 (of tuition) is due to hold the space;
  • one month in advance pay balance of first-half tuition;
  • balance due on arrival;
  • for those on any scholarship at least $100 is paid as non-refundable commitment fee if $500 is not available

NOTE: At this time, scholarships are not available for Internships

Training Topics


Art: Creativity for Change


Community Living Development


Health, Wellness, & Holistic Healing


Leadership Training & Procedures


Media & Marketing


Nutrition, Food Preparation & Preservation


Architecture & Sustainable Building