The URANTIA Book: Facet 3

Evolution Of Non-Spiritual Forces, Energies, And Powers (Cosmic Physics)

In this course, you will learn an overview of the Master Universe, and the three elements of universe reality—physical things, mind meanings, and spirit values. This course also presents the organization and purposes of the seven superuniverses, and introduces many of the beings involved in the physical organization and administration of these universes. You will become acquainted with the Seven Master Spirits and their offspring and their influence over the worlds of time and space. You will learn how energy, mind, and matter outwork from Paradise out to all creation.

This course covers the following topics of study:

  • Brief Overview of Three Elements of Universe Reality  
  • Extended Study of the Paradise Isle Pattern for Physical Reality  
  • The Absolutes in Relation to Physical Creation  
  • The Universe of Universes  
  • The Seven Superuniverses  
  • Attributes and Functions of the Seven Master Spirits  
  • The Universe Power Directors
  • The Almighty Supreme and the Sevenfold Controllers
  • Evolution of Local Universes
  • Physical Aspects of the Local Universe
  • Energy—Mind and Matter
  • The Inhabited Worlds
  • Physical Origins of Urantia (Earth)
  • Overview of Life Establishment and Evolution of Life on Urantia (Earth)
  • Copendium of Non-Spiritual Forces, Energies, and Powers


The URANTIA Book – The first one-tenth of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. A study book that you read over a lifetime, like the Bible, to come back to often and read. 196 Papers, 2,000+ pages.


The Concordex of The URANTIA Book or The URANTIA Book Concordance would be helpful. If you are unable to purchase on of the two reference books, then public library access to a copy may be an option.


This course could help the student obtain easier admission in The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion, leading to ordination. It is recommended that The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 Home Study Course also be taken simultaneously if possible, as The Cosmic Family Volumes are the continuation of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, The URANTIA Book.

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