The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion

The URANTIA Book: Facet 1

Introduction To Concepts Of Deity And Reality

This course is an introduction to The URANTIA Book, and will help you to understand your place in the master universe by learning about the creation, physical organization, and the marvelous divine administration of the universe of universes through which you are destined to ascend.

This course covers the following topics of study:

  • Cosmology of the Master Universe and Divine Pattern
  • Paradise and the First Source and Center
  • God the Universal Father
  • God’s Relation to the Individual
  • Paradise Creator Sons and the Bestowals of Michael of Nebadon
  • The Supreme Being
  • The Eternal Son
  • The Spirit of Truth
  • The Infinite Spirit
  • The Local Universe Mother Spirit
  • The Paradise Trinity
  • The Administration of God’s Justice

Student Testimonial from: CaSeri
Where does the course end and experiential study begin? Life IS the course! I have learned so much in my two years of this course through the readings, sharings, teachings – but the real lessons come from daily life – applied studies! I have a deeper understanding of the functions of God as Father, Mother, Son. The reality and importance of family-relationship from now to eternity. I learned the value of learning from my peers as well as from my teachers, and the importance of sharing (contributing to class.) I’ve learned a little bit about how to love better, to recognize the distinct functions of the threefold spirit and the threefold personality / circuitry of God.
Student Testimonial from: JahVan
This course gave me a more solid understanding of the roles of the Universal Father, Infinite Spirit, and Eternal Son. This has helped me a lot in terms of how I respond to life’s situations.
Student Testimonial from: DeleVan
I loved this course. I think what I learned the most was how to tap into the three-fold spirit circuitry within me and how each aspect of the trinity play a very important role in my life. I appreciate knowing the various aspects of their ministries and the way they teach and what they offer to us mortals even all the way down here!
Student Testimonial from: AvaJaCyone
What was the most valuable lesson of this class? All of it, truly, the content, the interactions in class, the reflections after class. The way the lessons manifest in life, in Sunday Service – the beautiful orchestration of it all.
Student Testimonial from: Astrid
It’s hard to put in words my most valuable lessons from this class. There is the intellectual aspect – really beginning to understand how the intricacies of the concepts work together and build – concept upon concept. But even greater than that is the stirring within myself – to be better, to learn more – to love more, to listen more, to be more flexible, to laugh more. The sharing through skits, and drawings, and poetry have opened new creative spaces within myself and a greater appreciation for new inter-relations. I guess it is never too late for an old dog to learn new tricks!