The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion

The URANTIA Book: Facet 4

Divine Administration Principles As Applied On Infinite And Finite Levels Of Reality

This course will guide you in an in-depth study of God the Supreme and the functions of God the Sevenfold, touching on the understanding of God’s mercy and justice from a universe perspective. You will learn about numerous beings and their functions in the administration and ministry of the universes, beginning in the perfect worlds of Havona, down through the superuniverses of time and space. This course also provides a beginning study of the planetary administration of Urantia/Earth and how it was impacted by the fall of our planetary prince and the beginning restoration of divine pattern of administration.

This course covers the following topics of study:

  • Introduction to Divine Administration on Absolute and Supreme Levels 
  • Function of God the Sevenfold in the Grand  Universe 
  • The Paradise Trinity and the Administration of God’s Justice
  • Central and Divine Universe Administration
  • Superuniverse Administration
  • Local Universe Administration
  • Constellation Administration
  • System Administration
  • Planetary Administration 
  • Human Administration on Urantia (Earth)
  • Overview of Universe Divine Administration