The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion

The URANTIA Book: Facet 2

Divine Pattern Is Evolution on All Universe Levels of Reality

This course will help you better understand divine pattern, as expressed in the perfect central universe, and to learn about the various levels of universe reality. It will assist you to develop a higher understanding of cosmic mind, as well as provide an introductory overview of the ascension plan to Paradise for mortals, touching upon the stages of ascension both on a planetary and personal level.

This course covers the following topics of study:

  • Three Elements of Universe Reality
  • Paradise, An Extended Study
  • The Emergence of the Seven Absolutes and Extended Study of Levels of Reality
  • Introduction to the Planetary Mortal Epochs and the Stages of Light and Life
  • Ascension of Evolutionary Mortals
  • Morontia Training for Ascending Mortals
  • Ascension Plan to Paradise Through Jesus’ Bestowal Experiences