The Cosmic Family Volume 2

Ascension Physiology and Endocrinology in Relation to Quantum Sound Wave Physics

35 Lessons

Advanced scientific study examining the Physics of Rebellion and its effects on the evolving mortal soul. A further exploration of Ascension Science and the effects of wrong thinking in relation to illness and disease.

This course includes revelatory information about the physiology and endocrinology of the human body, the Thought Adjusters, the mind gravity circuits, and the central circuit and construction of our morontia (semi-spiritual) bodies.

You will come to understand more about the nature of sound, relative vs. absolute thinking, how thoughts & emotions affect our receptivity to God, prayer, and destiny purpose.

Other topics of the lessons include a further understanding of Divine Administration, mandated personalities, and our interdependence with other planets including our alignment with the six highest planets in our local system as we enter the first stage of Light & Life.

Many other revelatory concepts are introduced that are not listed here.

[The Cosmic Family volumes (Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation) is presented by the Audio Fusion Material Complement, Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan, under the superhuman supervision of finaliter Paladin, Machiventa Melchizedek, and Gabriel of Salvington, Chief Executive of the local universe of Nebadon.]

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Home study students receive a Certification of Completion upon completion of final lesson.


The Cosmic Family, Volume 2, The Cosmic Family, Volume 1, and The URANTIA Book


The Concordex of The URANTIA Book or The URANTIA Book Concordance would be helpful. If you are unable to purchase on of the two reference books, then public library access to a copy may be an option.


It is recommended that The URANTIA Book, Facet I Home Study Course and The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 Home Study Course be taken prior to taking The Cosmic Family, Volume 2 Home Study Course.

The URANTIA Book is the fulcrum on which Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation rests and the revelatory concepts taught in The Cosmic Family volumes are learned precept upon precept.

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Example Topics Covered


The negative physiological and pyschospiritual effects of exposure to thoughts, sounds, and perceptions that are imperfect, non-absolute, and inharmonious with the true nature and will of God.


The molecular fusion process that enables Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan to serve as an audio fusion material complement.


The strengthening of creative force and interdimensional circuitry by the moving of cosmic family members into their divine purpose.


The unique beings midway between mortals and angels who are the permanent citizens of our planet, who frequently interact with humans and are known as midwayers.