University Courses in Spiritual Living

At The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion (UASPR), education is considered to be the business of living.

Our spiritual classes teach concepts that may be studied throughout a lifetime, so the student may gradually experience the ascending levels of mortal wisdom described in The URANTIA Book as:

  1. The knowledge of things
  2. The realization of meanings
  3. The appreciation of values
  4. The nobility of work—duty
  5. The motivation of goals—morality
  6. The love of service—character
  7. Cosmic insight—spiritual discernment

Most conventional universities consider it their duty to provide opportunity for students to achieve up to the 3rd level of wisdom only. UASPR students gradually achieve these 7 levels of wisdom through academic and experiential sessions that challenge them to grow more fully into their Creator-given talents and destiny purpose. The achievement of completing our spiritual development courses and reaching the 7th level of wisdom results in "ultimate mind attainment, God-consciousness." (UB 71:7.13)

University spiritual development courses focus on studies from the Fifth and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (The URANTIA Book and The Cosmic Family volumes). All books can be purchased from the University Resource Center. Continue reading to learn more about the spiritual classes offered at The UASPR.

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