Our EcoVillage Campus

Participating in the EcoVillage builds the skills and strategic thinking required to find answers for the ecological, economic, and social challenges of today's world.

UASPR is located on 227-acres of rich farmland in the sacred Santa Cruz Valley of Southern Arizona. We are a collective of 120+ kindred spirits united by a common vision. Being a spiritual-intentional community as well as an EcoVillage, our efforts to live in harmony with nature are rooted in our spiritual walk and recognition of the interconnectedness of all life.

As an EcoVillage, we are ever striving to become increasingly self-sustaining. We incorporate modern, cutting-edge technologies with sustainable practices that have been in use for thousands of years around the world, many of which have been abandoned by the unrealistic consumer society we live in today in America. We are dedicated to educating ourselves and others about the state of our fragile Mother Earth, and the ever-growing need for each one of us to assume responsibility for her care. Equally important to us are our social and ethical practices which encourage honest, loving, and respectful communication in order to create an emotionally and spiritually sustainable environment.