The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion

Nutrition, Food Preparation & Preservation

A vocational education program exploring food preparation, preservation, and storage techniques, incorporating traditional homesteading skills of canning, fermenting, and pickling. An immersive Extended Internship experience is provided by the on-campus Food For Ascension Cafe.

Learn how to plan, prepare, and serve nutritionally balanced organic meals for 100+ persons per day. You will learn plant selection for food and product preparation, nutritional qualities and healthy food combinations, food preparation for health and wellness using locally grown and harvested farm and garden edibles, as well as the basics of herbology.

Extended Internship: Food For Ascension Cafe

The on-campus Food For Ascension Cafe supports the campus community by providing freshly prepared meals from organic and locally-produced ingredients. Extended Interns may receive training in menu planning and administrative involvement with this fully-operational and certified food-production facility. Specialized training in bread baking, vegan desserts, or another area of interest may be included in a student's program.

"We must become change agents out of the old order of individual profit and create a common planetary surplus that attends to the needs of all the families of the earth."
— Gabriel of Urantia